The River of Life
Is it flowing through YOU?

The River of Life is a regional ministry of The United Methodist Church working to extend the Kingdom of God in Beloit and Clinton, Wisconsin, and throughout the greater State-line area of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Loving people into taking their NEXT STEP with Jesus.

Centered in Christ and transformed by our experience with God through him, we move beyond the walls that confine us. Reach out to the spiritually yearning and those distanced from the church. Work to transform our world through spiritual engagement with the culture around us.
And practice active love and service during our walk with Jesus.

Joyfulness (reflecting fun, joy, and laughter)
Mission (reflecting service, helping, and evangelism)
Excellence (reflecting quality)
Diversity (reflecting respect and acceptance)
Wholeness (reflecting spirituality, authenticity, transformation, and change)
Love (reflecting compassion, nurture, people, and community)
Empowerment (reflecting courage, passion, action, and creativity)
Trust (reflecting safety and faithfulness).

We are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-site community of people grounded in spiritual purpose, alive to God’s presence and open to God’s power. As part of the Living Body of Christ, we draw on the many gifts of our participants working in ministry teams. As an authentic, thriving, mission-driven Christian community, we express a thoughtful faith and offer ways of living with passion and purpose.