World Wide

We support a missionary at the Mujila Falls Agriculture Centre.  Paul Webster writes…Dear Friends,  We have been engaged in the past couple of months in our largest harvest ever.  It has been hard work and required the assistance of dozens of men, women, and school students to bring it in.  Because school was in session, much of the maize was brought in for the first time using women to pull the ears from the stalks and throwing them into the truck.  Other crops such as our soybeans were brought in through an agreement with a  local church congregation.  They did the harvesting in exchange for a donation from our project to their church.

As our fields and herds grow, so do the numbers of people in the local community who are benefiting.  All of this is possible through your faithful support and “seed” money.

Our mission team collects items for UMCOR and assembles kits to be used to alleviate human suffering in times of disaster.  Again, watch here for special collection drives.

In the Community

We work with the Salvation Army in assisting persons in need with short term relief with their rent, utility bills and other needs.

We support Caritas by collecting food and money for their outreach mission.
They can always use good, clean, clothing and basic food items such as flour and sugar, ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, etc. They also need dish washing soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and canvas bags.

Our congregation is excited about a new program we are embracing, called “Knowledge Flows.” We are opening our church to the local children and youth from the surrounding schools, to engage in an after-school tutoring program. Children and youth can come to the church for tutoring Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. A snack is provided to those who utilize the tutoring ministry. Presently we have about 20 children and youth attending. We could use a few more tutors.

If you are interested in tutoring children and youth in the common core areas (Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science) please contact:Karen Parssinen at (815) 520-1263 or call the office at 608-362-8866.

You do not need to commit to both days but if you are free and willing, your help would be appreciated!


Easter and Christmas

Twice a year, at Easter and Christmas, we present musical cantatas for the community.  These cantatas are professional level events put on free of charge.